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Microsoft Admits That 28 Million PCs In Europe Don’t Offer Choice Of Web Browser

On every PC sold in the U.S., Internet Explorer is the default Web browser. There’s nothing wrong with that since most of us have the decency to shove it to the side and download Firefox, Chrome or Opera instead. The European Commission obviously thinks there was something wrong with it as they’ve been forcing Microsoft to display a “Browser Choice …

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Microsoft European Commission Fine Upheld at $1.1 Billion

The General Court of the European Union has held up a regulatory fine against Microsoft in the amount of €860 million ($1.07 billion). Microsoft had appealed the 2008 decision which levied the record-breaking fine against the company for failing to comply with the European Commission’s 2004 order to reveal proprietary software to competitors in Europe. The €860 million judgement is …

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European Court Rules on Microsoft’s EU Fines

Back in 2004 European regulators ordered Microsoft to provide market competitors with information critical to fair competition. Microsoft didn’t submit to the request and on March in 2004 they issued a fine for non-compliance. The fine broke a new record for largest fine ever imposed, and regulators slapped Microsoft with a $1.1 billion penalty for taking advantage of their dominant …

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