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Gmail Phishing Attacks Could Dupe the Unwary Gmail Phishing Attacks Could Dupe the Unwary
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The security gurus over at Naked Security are warning gmail users about a phishing scam they have seen emailed around to gmail users recently. A phishing scam is one in which a user is tricked into entering account usernames, passwords, …

Microsoft Applies For Anti-Phishing Patent

In a recent bevy of application disclosures, it was discovered that in September of last year, Microsoft applied for a patent regarding methodology for notifying Internet users whether or not a particular URL is associated with a list of known phishing sites.

We’ve all gotten the e-mails before. In what appears to be correspondence from a legitimate company, a letter comes across our respective e-mail client urging us to “verify our account information” by giving up the skinny on our bank accounts, credit cards, and social security numbers.