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Noah, Starring Russell Crowe, Debuts First Trailer [Video]

Noah, Russell Crowe’s long anticipated film has finally released its first trailer. The film tells the biblical story of Noah, who of course, was the one who was instructed by God to round up all of the animals and brought them on to his ark, before the world flooded. Due to the complexity, and elaborate nature of the film, it …

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Bryan Cranston’s Awesome Fan Letter from Anthony Hopkins

The series finale of Breaking Bad was one of the most watched finales of all time, with more than 10 million viewers, and people are still talking about it two weeks later. While it’s a given that Bryan Cranston, the man behind meth kingpin Walter White, has a ton of fans, he recently received a glowing fan letter from a …

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Anthony Hopkins Binge-Watched Breaking Bad and Loved It So Much He Wrote Bryan Cranston a Letter

For the past two weeks, it appears that Sir Anthony Hopkins has been binge watching the hell out of Breaking Bad – and he really likes what he saw. So much so, in fact, that he felt compelled to write a letter to Bryan Cranston (and the whole Breaking Bad cast and crew) congratulating them on what he calls “epic,” …

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Jessica Biel and Scarlett Johansson have Gone Psycho!

Jessica Biel will play Vera Miles in the film Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho. The movie is about Hitchcock’s directorial struggle to make the psychological thriller a masterpiece. The film was adapted from a book by Stephen Rebello with the same title. It was published in May 1990 and details the creation and evolution of the chilling classic. …

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