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Apple Begins Making “Antennagate” Lawsuit Settlement Payments Apple Begins Making “Antennagate” Lawsuit Settlement Payments

Last month we reported that Apple had settled a class-action lawsuit over the “Antennagate” controversy surrounding the launch of the iPhone 4. Under the terms of the settlement, Apple agreed to pay each iPhone 4 owner $15 or give them …

iPhone 4 Owner? Apple May Owe You $15.

When Apple released the iPhone 4, it was the company’s most successful product launch up until that date. A lot lot of consumers, however, were frustrated to find that there were major reception problems, in a scandal which became known …

Apple Exec Responsible for Antennagate Gone
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It appears that the "Antennagate" turned out to be not only be a hassle for iPhone users, Apple’s PR department, and the company as a whole, but ultimately Mark Papermaster, Apple’s executive in charge of the iPhone’s hardware. He is no longer with Apple.