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Time Warner Cable Offers Antennas to CBS Blackout Customers

Earlier this month, with thanks to a feud between Time Warner Cable and CBS, many Time Warner Cable customers are being censored from the popular network within their cable subscription package. With this in mind, in aid to keep customers satisfied, the cable provider is offering FREE antennas to its subscribers. With CBS being such a well-known network since its …

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Antenna Farmers Raise Technology For Google

In 2007 Google purchased 1,000 extra acres across from its mull million dollar Council Bluff communication center in Iowa and today they are attempting to get permission and permits to place an extensive array of satellite antennas on the property. The antennas would would provide data, digital audio, and digital video signals to users of the Google Fiber service and …

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Spray-On Antennas Unveiled at Google’s Solve For X Event

At Google’s Solve for X fest, Chamtech Operations unvelied thier new nanotech-based spray-on antenna kit, for use on existing antennas, as well as relatively antenna-shaped, upright builds. The science is basically nano-capacitors in a can, that can be sprayed onto a tree or a pole to make an antenna. The “paint” also can boost an existing antenna’s signal by over …

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