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Mosquito Repellent 1000x Stronger Than DEET

Researchers at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee have developed a mosquito repellent that is 1000 times stronger than DEET, and works on many different types of insects. The new substance is tentatively called VUAA1, is far more effective than N,N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide (DEET), and works on mosquitoes, ants, flies, moths and a slew of other bugs. According to project researcher Laurence Zwiebel, …

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Pillage Ant Subdues Slaves Via “Chemical Camouflage”

Need a break from hearing about man’s inhumanity against man? Fair enough. In lieu, let’s take a moment to observe just how brutal other sentient creatures are capable of being to one another. For example, take the new ant species recently discovered in the northeastern forest floors of the Unites States. Despite its length of one tenth of an inch …

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Future Cars of the Beijing Motor Show

If sheer size is any indication of a good auto show, this years Beijing International Auto Exhibition is the best. Although the recent Frankfurt Motor Show saw many exciting unveils, the auto show going on now in Beijing boasts the largest number of cars on display and the greatest number of guests. China has emerged as the largest car market …

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