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Yahoo Answers With Improvements

If you’ve got questions, the users at Yahoo Answers don’t have blank stares; they may have answered your question already, and the Yahoo Answers engineers have made it easier to find that answer with the wonders of Ajax programming.

Google Answers Enterprise Desktop Concerns

After Gartner Research published the opinion that Google Desktop users in a business setting should use the Enterprise version of the product, Google released an updated edition of that product.

Wither Goes the Wire Services

It’s been an active new years for the Wire service.

MSN Adds More Instant Answers

MSN Search’s Weblog announces the addition of 1 million new facts you can now get “Instant Answers” to.

If You Havent Done So Yet Ask for Feedback

With the new year comes a new page. Before you begin to fill the page, get a sense of what your clients and colleagues see as your strengths and your opportunities for improvement.

MSN Search Adds 1 Million Instant Answers

The MSN Search blog reports that they’ve added about a million new instant answers, those fact boxes that appear atop search results, giving you quick access to good facts about whatever you’re searching for.

David Vise Answers Questions on Google

Washington Post writer and author of The Google Story, David Vise, was online earlier today to answer a whole host of Google questions - including one from an “Andy of Raleigh, NC” :-)

Yahoo Answers The Internet

Yahoo has taken the basic idea behind Usenet – posting a question and getting an answer from another user – and created a new website for users to ask those burning questions, like “How do I become a movie extra?”

MSN Adds Instant Answers To Shopping

A feature of MSN Search has been extended to MSN Shopping, which the portal hopes will better connect shoppers with information.

Cutts Answers Google Analytics Speculation

With the launch of Google Analytics, there was some speculation in regard to whether the data collected through the program could impact search results or raise privacy concerns. According to Google insider Matt Cutts, neither is probable. And yes, Virginia, there is a Sandbox, kind of.

Prepare Your Seniors

A painfully uncomfortable sales scenario is the team call with a senior that does not go well. Whether the senior has been blindsided or the salesperson just wasn’t prepared, a bad call with a senior not only hurts the client relationship, but also internal credibility.

MS Answers GoogZilla With Online Services

For months, the blogosphere was abuzz about potential “Microsoft killers,” mainly because of the advent of open source, customizable, server-based applications put forth by whippersnapper companies like Google and Mozilla. Worldwide governments, too, forced the Redmond, Washington-based software giant to open up its code to competition. How would Microsoft deal with it? Gates and company answered today during a preview of two Web-based software services-Windows Live and Microsoft Office Live.

Cross-Linking and Search Engine Optimization
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Web site designers and developers should know how to create search-engine friendly design templates. However, most Web developers seem to think that if they create a text-link site navigation scheme, then a Web site is automatically search-engine friendly.

Why MSN Search won’t PLAY with certain stock symbols

Lots of people at MSN Search have been writing me back explaining why PLAY doesn’t pull up a stock quote chart on MSN …

Final Presentations, The Finish Line

After days or weeks of preparation, after a strong presentation, don’t drop the ball as you near the finish line. How you follow up after your sales presentation will help you get across the line.

Using Flash Player 8 Features in Your Flex 1.5 Application

Macromedia Flash Player 8 is here and packed with useful and innovative features. Performance and memory consumption are also significantly improved in the new player, and you will notice the improvement without changing a line of code or recompiling.

Opera Gets Answers

Answers.com, that is, and the arrangement will be a partnership that places access to its database on the Opera browser toolbar.

Answers Found In Opera

Nope, this isn’t a story about the “Three Tenors”. Opera Software added GuruNet’s Answers.com to their browser. Opera signed a partnership with the search engine to add an exclusive search feature to their browser.

MSN Search Introduces More Sports Answers

One of the features being added to search engines is the ability to take a query and provide more than just the standard search results as a response. A number of engines have introduced options that allow users to receive specific answers when they enter a query about a certain subject.

Turning AAs Into a Competitive Advantage

We surveyed 160 Administrative Assistants and Executive Secretaries and asked them to identify the key things salespeople could do to gain their support in reaching their bosses.

See, Some Googlers Are Part Of The Conversation

While the complaints about Google not having a major blogosphere presence will probably never go away, its good to know that at least some Googlers can be counted on to respond to blog posts in their own blogs.