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LibreDigital Answers Google Books

Google’s dustup with publishers around the globe last year over its plan to digitize every book in its path, sans permission, gave someone an idea. What if we do that with their permission? LibreDigital general manager Craig Miller says his company’s digitization service isn’t in direct response to Google, but a “natural extension” of what they were already doing.

DVD and TV Info Added to Ask.com

I’ve lost count of all the cool Smart Answers that Ask.com has rolled-out over the past couple of years, but they’ve just added DVD and TV data to the list.

Yahoo! API News: del.icio.us and Answers

From the API news department…

Yahoo Extends Answers To The API

Web developers can get to the question and answer site, Yahoo Answers, through an application programming interface recently made available on the Yahoo Developer Network.

Yahoo Answers Call For Quality Content

Voting has a place on Yahoo Answers, as users of the popular question and answer site will see that become part of the site.

Yahoo Appoints New Data Mining Expert

Doctor Raghu Ramakrishnan will leave the land of badgers and Big Ten football for the opportunity to serve as a research fellow in Yahoo! Research.

Britons’ Blogging Activities

Does anyone know of any recent stats on blog usage in Europe? I asked on Wednesday following the release of such stats for the US by the Pew Internet project.

Social Search Changes

A few recent articles on social search got me thinking about how much search has changed and continues to change.

Yahoo UK Redesign Boosts Answers

A well-crafted front page redesign can do wonders with redirecting traffic to other pages and subdomains owned by a site, as Yahoo UK’s update has done.

Bono Seeks Yahoo Answers To Poverty

U2’s frontman and noteworthy activist takes his turn during the Yahoo Answers “Ask the Planet” promotion and asks for suggestions on battling the problem of global poverty.

Questions to Help You Close?

Knowing all you can about the client’s decision process can give you an edge in winning the business. Let’s look at questions to ask.

HR Training A Virtual Experience

The assortment of workplace hazards entrepreneurs face in the business environment include the litigation-happy, and companies need to take steps to train staffers against possible harassment activities.

Yahoo Toasts To Global Answers

Nearly a week after Yahoo! launched its “Ask the Planet” promotion for its Yahoo! Answers service, the company posted a reminder about the additional languages the service would include – and girl drink recipe to go with it.

Ask Man and Answerbag on Yahoo Answers Model
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I’d never heard of Answerbag before today’s news that Ask Jeeves co-founder, David Warthen, has joined the company.

Yahoo Answering Users Again

A scheduled database upgrade took a turn for the worse for the Yahoo Answers team, but the group valiantly overcame the problem and returned the site to working order.

Google AdSense Answers About Video

The new video advertisements that will begin to appear on Google’s network of AdSense publishers will pay on a CPM basis for site-targeted video, which should be welcome news.

Yahoo Gets 10 Million Answers

Nearly five months after its debut, the Yahoo Answers service picked up its 10 millionth answer posted to the service.

Ask.com CEO Answers Microsoft Job Call

Steve Berkowitz, CEO of IAC/InterActiveCorp’s Ask.com search engine, will leave the company to take over MSN.

Mark Cuban’s Lessons for Revolutionaries

Regulars here know that I am a huge Mark Cuban fan.

Windows Live Answers?

The LiveSide blog says MSN Spaces users have reported seeing two modules called “Questions Asked” and “Questions Answered”, and that they are related to a yet-to-be-announced Windows Live service.

Windows Live Video, Answers On Tap

A couple of new services associated with Microsoft’s Windows Live online platform offer competition to Google Video and Yahoo Answers.