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AOL Wants To Play Show & Tell

America Online has announced the arrival of it’s “Show Me” website, a user-generated forum geared at providing a means of self-help for visitor in any number of various topics.

Yahoo Answers Gaining Star Power

If you’re a regular contributor to Yahoo’s Q&A portal, you might find that the company has added some additional features to the service. The latest additions give Yahoo Answers a social networking flare that could propel it into contention with other user submission portals, such as Digg.

Yahoo Answers Reaches For The Stars

A new feature has been added to Yahoo Answers, which has become a very successful destination at the Internet portal. Answers gained a new ability to share thanks to its development team.

Google’s Most-Asked Questions (And Answers)

Ever wonder what sort of questions people are asking about Google’s services? Well, just in case you were, there’s a new list showing the “top questions” from the help files of 26 different services. And if that’s not enough to draw you in, a number of “funny, funky, noteworthy or weird quotes” from those same help files follows afterward.

Is Google Going to Start Marketing?

Marketing often gets a bad rap. It sometimes is described as ways of manipulating customers so that they buy products they don’t really need.

Amazon Says NowNow For Mobile Answers
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Hot on the heels of their Askville release, Amazon.com has just debuted NowNow, a mobile service that will provide up to three answers per question for up to 25 cents per question.

Askville From Amazon
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Google Answers has come and gone while Yahoo Answers is still going strong.

Yahoo Has All The Answers (Well, 96% Of Them)
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Question and answer (Q&A) sites have a long way to go if they want to take market share away from Yahoo Answers. A really long way. Hitwise’s LeeAnn Prescott reports that Yahoo Answers controls a little over 96 percent of it.

Consumers Submit To Yahoo Local

Yahoo turns to its continued growth in social media to help fill its business listings in Yahoo Local with more relevant and timely information about local companies.

Leo Wants Some Answers

Hollywood recruits one of it’s biggest names to ask the tough questions about the environment on Yahoo! Answers.

Yahoo The Next AOL?

Umair thinks so, but I disagree.

Google Answers Is Closing

Google has announced that Google Answers, the very first non-search project from Google, is closing down forever. Come the end of the year, Answers will stop accepting new questions, although the old pages will remain up as archives.

Google Answers Crashes Out

Even though few of Google’s services beyond search have caught on with the public like its omnipresent search engine, the company rarely kills off those projects; that made the announcement that Google Answers would be shutdown mildly surprising.

Yahoo! Search Now With User Answers
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Results generated from Yahoo’s search engine now feature a more in-depth social component as part of the company’s attempt to incorporate user-generated content via Yahoo! Answers.

CBS & Answers.com Bring AnswerTips to the Web

CBSNews and Answers Corporation announced the web launch of AnswerTips, a search tool aimed at enhancing content on the CBSNews.com website. CBS will also provide headlines and breaking news stories for Answers.com.

Try Answers Dot Com For GIS Data!

This nifty search utility which I confess, I’m not terribly familiar with, is very sweet!

Why APIs?

Given that I helped start the Yahoo! Developer Network and once again spend my days (and some nights) working on it, you should not be shocked to know that I think APIs are pretty important.

Ask Drives RSS Smart Answers To Europe

As part of their drive to rollout new features beyond the United States as quickly as possible, Ask.com has placed RSS Smart Answers on its European sites.

Yahoo Mail Beta Delivered To All

Yahoo has some 80 million users in the United States, and the next time they login to check their email they will be offered the opportunity to switch to the Outlook-like Yahoo Mail Beta version.

Amazon, the new Google?

Back when I worked at Microsoft I was always looking at Google and asking myself “what if they shipped this” or “what if they shipped that?”

Microsoft Joins the Human Answers Arena

Microsoft has announced their own version of Google Answers and Yahoo AnswersWindows Live QnA.