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Answers.com Sells For $127 Million

Over the next few days, onlookers shouldn’t be surprised if the mix of questions on Answers.com begins to favor inquiries of the "what kind of ____ should I buy?" variety.  Fans may have some extra money coming to them, as Answers.com announced this morning that it’s being acquired for $127 million.

Wikia CEO Talks Wikianswers Conflict
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Wikia has just relaunched an answers site called Wikianswers, which has drawn a bit of controversy over its name. There is another site called Wiki Answers, which was once called FAQFarm and is now owned by Answers.com.

Wikipedia Founder Has the Answers
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Have you heard of Wikianswers? No, not Wiki Answers, Wikianswers. Yes it’s a little confusing, but I’m not just babbling incoherently. Wikianswers is a recently (re)launched site from Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales.

WikiAnswers Sees Jump In Traffic

The Answers Corporation, creator of Answers.com, announced today that metrics for its WikiAnswers site have improved by 50 percent since the end of June 2007.

Google Tweak Decimates Answers.com’s Traffic
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A small tweak here . . . and a 28 percent plummet there.  Yeah, that’s right – Google adjusted its algorithm, and according to Answers.com itself, traffic to the Answers “information portal” has dropped dramatically as a result.