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Don’t Like Anonymous? Their New Campaign Against Internet Pedophiles Might Change Your Mind

What do you think of when you hear the word Anonymous? Do you see an Internet vigilante group fighting against the largest governments and corporations of the world or just a couple of “script kiddies” taking down Web sites for the “lulz?” Either way, you probably have strong opinions on the matter. That may be why Anonymous launched #OpPedoChat. For …

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SOPA: Anonymous Lists Their Demands

The Internet is angry at SOPA and Anonymous is at, or at least near, the front of it all. On Wednesday, the “official” Anonymous twitter feed linked to the group’s list of demands. The document is titled, “Bright, and Clear: The Future of Free Speech.” In it, the group details their list of demands for the future of the Internet …

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SOPA: Anonymous Announces Operation Blackout

Anonymous, everybody’s favorite decentralized hacktivist group, has announced Operation Blackout in protest of SOPA. The group released a YouTube video describing what is their “Most important operation in their history.” What makes this call to action unique is that it’s similar to their Scientology protests a few years ago. The group is not only calling for online protests, but on …

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