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Anne Hathaway Gets Even With Paparazzi, Leaves Dog Poop on Photographer’s Car

Actress Anne Hathaway definitely feels some type of way about the paparazzi. While it’s no secret that most celebrities despise nosy, over-aggressive paparazzi snapping pictures all the time, it’s quite obvious her level of frustration has soared to an unprecedented level. It’s so bad, she’s decided to take action. On Thursday, Dec. 26, the Les Miserables¬†actress was spotted taking her …

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Anne Hathaway Leaves Dog Feces on Paparazzo’s Car

Anne Hathaway decided she’d had more than enough of the paparazzi on Thursday, when she left a bag of dog feces on a paparazzo’s car. Out for a walk with her dog Esmerelda, who had just done her business, she made it quite clear she didn’t like being followed by the man with the camera. The Les Miserables star picked …

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