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Anna Chlumsky: “Veep” Role Enabled Her To Be Picky

Anna Chlumsky has certainly come a long way from her years as the charming Vada Sultenfuss on 1991’s My Girl. She now stars in HBO’s hit TV series, Veep, with Julia Louis-Dreyfuss. She has definitely made a name for herself in that role, earning an Emmy nomination and all. That attention has recently given her the luxury of being able …

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Anna Chlumsky: From Child To Adult Star

Anna Chlumsky, the actress known for her childhood roles in My Girl and Uncle Buck, has done the unthinkable. She has adjusted from being a child star to transitioning into an adult acting career. After taking time off for college, Anna has returned to a career in front of the cameras. She currently stars in HBO’s Veep where her role …

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Anna Chlumsky: Baby Before Emmy Nod Keeps Her Grounded

Anna Chlumsky had two major life events occur within just a week of each other, and she says she’s glad they happened in the order they did. Chlumsky–a former child actress who starred in “My Girl”–just got an Emmy nod for her work on the Julia Louis-Dreyfus vehicle “Veep”, and it came just days after she gave birth to her …

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Anna Chlumsky: “My Girl” will Star in “Veep,” a New HBO Comedy Series

Anna Chlumsky is best known for her role as Vada Sultenfuss in My Girl. Her portrayal as an inquisitive and sensitive hypochondriac won the hearts of millions of viewers and My Girl is one of my favorite movies of all time. I remember spouting buckets of tears while I watched Vada see her best friend, Thomas J (played by Macauley …

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