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Pet Duck Attack: Oregon Woman Sued For $275,000

Cynthia Ruddell from Washougal, Washington, is suing her mother’s neighbor for $275,000 in damages brought on by a pet duck attack. On May 2012, Ruddell was in Oregon visiting her mother when she was attacked by a duck, which she claims happened without any provocation. While running away from the duck, Ruddell fell to the ground, spraining her shoulder and …

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Elephants Escape Circus And Damage Parked Vehicles In Missouri

Three female elephants escaped from the Moolah Shrine Circus in St. Charles’ Family Arena on Saturday and damaged several vehicles as they traipsed along the parking lot. The elephants escaped from the children’s ride section of the circus; fortunately, there were no children on the elephants at the time. Loud noises from the circus audience may have spooked the animals, …

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Pope Releases “Peace Doves”, Birds Attacked

It’s almost like something out a dark comedy. On Sunday, as thousands gathered in St. Peter’s Square, two white doves were released by children. Standing next to them was Pope Francis himself. The gesture was meant to promote world peace. You can’t get much more sweet and well meaning than that, right? Well, Mother Nature was having none of the …

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Thai Elephant Attack, Tourist Trampled To Death

Authorities in Thailand continue their investigation into the death of a woman whose body was found by Thai park rangers on January 18th. The woman has since been identified as Lily Glidden of Freeville, NY. She was 24-years-old. Glidden was a 2012 graduate of Tufts University where she majored in Biology. She was known for her interest in animals and …

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Beaver Kills Fisherman By Biting Him To Death

A man in Belarus–which is located between Russia and Poland–has died after a beaver literally bit him to death. The man, who was on his way to a fishing trip with friends, spotted the large animal on the side of the road as they made their way towards the lake and stopped to have his picture taken with it. But …

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