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Facebook SDK 3.0 For Android Is Now Out Of Beta

After months of waiting, Facebook finally released its new native Android app to the huddled masses that were waiting for salvation from the painfully slow hybrid app of years past. Soon after, Facebook delivered an update that is sure to raise the spirits of developers. Facebook announced that the Android SDK is now out of beta and available to everyone. …

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Google Releases New Android SDK Tools

Google released the SDK for Android 4.2 yesterday, and developers are undoubtedly already digging into it. The Android team went over the main features of the SDK proper yesterday, but now it’s time to show off some of the new additions hitting the SDK Tools this time around. The Android team announced that they’re launching the Android SDK Tools, Revision …

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Android 4.2 SDK Is Now Available

We’ve all seen the great new features coming to Android 4.2 by now. The Photo Sphere camera is pretty amazing, and multiple accounts on tablets has been a long time coming. Those features, however, are just the beginning. The new Jelly Bean also has a number of new features that developers will be able to make great use of. Starting …

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