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‘Walking Dead’: Andrew Lincoln Thinks Season Finale May Have Gone Too Far [Spoiler]

The season 4 finale of The Walking Dead has just aired and several questions on viewers’ minds were answered. The finale episode was full of gore, as expected. Aside from having some issues resolved, the finale also raised more questions that will keep fans hanging at the edge of their seats. Last week’s episode was emotionally packed, as Carol had …

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Walking Dead Prank, Norman Reedus Scared by Fake Zombie

Rick Grimes shouldn’t prank Daryl Dixon, especially with Zombies-unless he wants to die. However, Andrew Lincoln has nothing to fear by pranking Norman Reedus. So he did it. Lincoln, who plays “stuff and things” Rick on The Walking Dead teamed up with Greg Nicotero, the shows’ special effects makeup artist and co-executive producer, to prank Reedus in Tokyo. The Walking …

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Love Actually 2: After the Romance

“People who love ‘Love Actually’ and people who hate ‘Love Actually’ never will understand each other. Not ever.” Mark (Andrew Lincoln), after his beloved scene to Juliet (Keira Knightley) in the 2003 movie Love Actually, has moved on to killing zombies. Where is Juilet, now Mark’s wife? A bounter hunter! (Guess those cue cards worked.) Jamie (Colin Firth) is the …

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