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Tunnels Under Rome Being Mapped to Prevent Further Damage to City

An extensive series of ancient tunnels and quarries under Rome are threatening parts of the city that has been built atop them. Many years ago, Rome’s earliest architects discovered that tuff, or rock made of consolidated volcanic ash, was a perfect building material. It was strong, yet easily carved into blocks. The soil beneath Rome was layered atop this tuff, …

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Conehead Skull Found in Multicultural Necropolis

The site of Obernai in France was occupied by one people or another for the last 6000 years. Now, a series of graves found there date from 4000 years ago to 2000 years ago. These 38 tombs span a fantastic portion of human history: from the Stone Age to the Dark Age. LiveScience reports that the tombs were first discovered …

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British Archaeologists Uncover Mesolithic Tools, Roman Skulls

National Geographic reported on Friday that tunnelers who were contracted with expanding the London Underground have discovered over 20 Roman-era skulls, probably dated to the first century C.E. The beheaded Romans have been suggested to be possible victims of the famed Warrior Queen Boudicca, who led her Iceni tribe in a rebellion against Roman rule. Speaking with National Geographic about …

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