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Showing Respect With Your Anchor Text
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Bloggers and other web-based writers do a lot of linking. It’s great for the Blogosphere. In fact it’s really the only reason we have a Blogosphere. How often are our links misleading though? I’m not talking about "paid" or sponsored links that are deceptive and just trying to go after a click. That’s another issue entirely. I’m talking about just the everyday point-of-reference links.

Speculation About a New Google Filter

Aaron Wall put up a post about a new Google filter that causes people with high ranking terms to be bumped down to position #6. There is also a thread at Webmaster World about this phenomenon. This is still reasonably speculative in nature, but there are a lot of people who have seen this.

Because Algorithms Are People Too…Oh, Wait

Google has yet to create an algorithm that approximates how the human mind processes things. They’re working on it, of course, but it is still a textual (as well as contextual and behavioral, and mathematical, among others) process rather than a pure cognitive process. And that creates a gap that is hard to navigate when writing for the Web: write for the reader or write for the spider?

Google Shows ‘Datalicious’ Anchor Phrases

More useful information for site publishers arrives from Google’s Webmaster Central as they begin reporting on anchor text phrases linking to a website; Danny Sullivan coins a word to describe the update.