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Roundup: Cisco and WebEx Analysis

By now, any interested reader should have been able to get their fill of of news stories about the Cisco acquisition of WebEx. Overly cautious types will point out that this is not a done deal, merely a tendered offer accepted by WebEx management. WebEx shareholders could vote it down or another company could come in with a higher competitive buyout offer. The odds are tremendously low for either of those scenarios to occur.

Yahoo’s Core Rings A Little Hollow

Yahoo’s properties have gained overall by Compete’s computations, but the gains haven’t been led by the big name content areas like Search, Maps, or Sports.

Omniture Unveils New Analytic Software
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Omniture, Inc. has announced the launch of Discover 2.0, analytic software designed to give companies the ability to visually explore large amounts of online customer interaction data in real-time.

Discover is a component of the Omniture Online Business Optimization Platform, and is a solution that Omniture claims can accomodate all levels of business users by generating everything from simple reports to more complex methods of data aggregation and analysis.

Google Offering Checkout-optimized Results

Google once more might have crossed the fine line between delivering the most neutral search results, and doing self-promotion in disfavor of such neutrality.

Hitwise Analyzes Online Calendars

LeAnn Prescott from Hitwise has an analysis of online calendars that has been getting a fair bit of traffic and commentary, since it shows that Google’s calendar – which has only been around for about six months – is growing strongly in “market share of Internet visits” (as Hitwise describes their proprietary measurement of traffic).

Sometimes Company Bloggers Aren’t Enough

The beating Microsoft is taking in the blogosphere and elsewhere over a patent filing leads me to wonder whether this isn’t an instance where some solid, formal communication might be in order.

Full Text Feeds Pay off

I love Amit Agarwal’s analysis on the full-text vs. partial text debate. I HATE partial text feeds.

Should All Browsers Be Considered Betas?

Last week, I commented that I think the release version of Internet Explorer 7 should still be regarded as a beta. I’ll be commenting more on that in today’s episode of the FIR podcast.

Web Analysis Tools

Omniture and HBX Tips and Tricks Papers

Target Audience Should Define Your Marketing Channel

Kevin Newcomb has details of Forrester Research’s analysis of how marketers should use different channels depending on the age of their target audience.

R/GA, Zugara Clean Up WebAwards

Those two agencies combined for 37 of the 96 awards handed out for web development work by the Web Marketing Association.

Measuring Internal Search w/ Functional Web Analytics

This is Part IX in an (epic) Series on Functional Web Analytics.

Log File Analysis and SEO

If you own or manage a website, you are probably already aware of the importance of your log files or site statistics.

Portal Personalization Market To Reach $9.9 Billion

The market for enterprise portals is expected to grow from $1.1 billion in 2005 to a whopping $9.9 billion by 2012, as companies look for faster, efficient, and lightweight technology for their mobile work force. Companies are looking for portals that are customizable, as they adapt to the rapid pace of the new business world.

Google Disputes Third Party Fraud Detection
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Engineers at Google have performed an analysis of click fraud consultants and claimed they have fundamental flaws in their approaches.

SES San Jose: Fiery Click Fraud Session

The potential for click fraud to drain an advertiser’s budget requires those entrepreneurs to audit their paid search ads and be aware of the impact click fraud can have.

Flickr Analysis Tool Released

Someone asked me why they should care about blogs or podcasts.

Analytics Analysis for Search Marketers

Attending Omniture’s Web Analytics Summit has made me realize the extent of segmentation and analysis an analytics suite can provide for an organization.

Google Gives a Few Webmaster Pointers

Google published an array of tips and tools to help webmasters better analyze their web offerings. In addition to a Sitemaps update that creates a more robust view of 404 errors, Google Analytics reminds the ROI-minded of how to compare AdWords clicks to organic and direct links.

When NOT to Use Web Site Analysis Tools?

Can the usage of Web site analysis tools be a waste of time and resources?

Bear Stearns Tapping Blogs For Stock Analysis?
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Aside from maintaining its "outperform" rating on Google, the investment firm thinks a Google Music Store is in the works; a good question for now would be "Did you get this idea from a blog too?"