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Kellie Pickler To Join Amy Grant As Athena Warrior

Kellie Pickler is joining Amy Grant as an Athena Warrior for breast cancer awareness. The American Idol alum is set to participate in Athena Water’s “Eat. Drink. Party Pink.” event in Nashville on September 30th. The event is held in order to raise awareness about the debilitating disease. Kellie Pickler and Amy Grant will lend their voices and powerful lyrics …

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Vince Gill VS. Westboro Baptist Church Protesters

Vince Gill, the famous country singer, decided to take a stand against a group of protesters recently, outside of the performance center in which he was performing. Normally this may not have been a big deal, but of course in this case, the protesters were from the Westboro Baptist Church. This is the group known for picketing the funerals of …

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