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Watch a Woman Build Herself a New Leg – out of Legos

Christina Stephens, a “practicing occupational therapist, clinical researcher, and peer educator,” lost her leg in a crush injury. And then she did something incredibly awesome. Stephens built herself a prosthetic leg – out of Legos. “Someone in my research lab jokingly suggested I make a prosthetic leg out of legos. The joke’s on you—I went home and did it. Please …

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Facebook Photos of Amputees Used on Porn Sites

When you put a photo of yourself on Facebook, few think about the fact that the photo can be copied and disseminated for any number of purposes. Whether it be to advertise a product, become the butt of an internet joke, or in Charlotte Fielder’s case, appear on a fetish porn site. Fielder, a Windsor UK woman, was born missing …

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