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Koni Dole: Amputee Returns to Gridiron

High school football player Koni Dole is proving that he won’t let anything get in the way of his dreams of playing football—even an amputated leg. The Huntley Project senior out of Worden, Montana returned to the field on Friday night less than a year after losing his leg. Dole’s leg was amputated below the right knee last October doing …

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Kelly Cottle: Picture of Husband and Wife Goes Viral

A heart-warming photo of a wife giving her husband, a double amputee, a piggyback ride has gone viral. Kelly Cottle’s husband, Jesse Cottle, was serving as a Marine in Afghanistan in 2009. While he was on duty oversees, Jesse stepped on an IED and an explosion occurred causing him to lose both of his legs. “It was tough and it …

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John Stamos Taking Quadruple Amputee to Disneyland

Former “Full House” star and teen idol, John Stamos, has promised 19 year-old, quadruple amputee Kaitlyn Dobrow a date to Disneyland. Kaitlyn has been living in the hospital, at Irvine Medical Center in Southern California, since February. She had contracted meningocococcemia, a vicious bacterial infection that is related to meningitis and moves through the blood stream cutting off circulation to …

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Amputee Brawl Breaks Out During Soccer Match

A soccer match between Holland and Belgium on Saturday turned ugly after a man pulled another player down by his leg. What made it especially ugly is that the man who went down only had one leg. The amputee-only match was the first of its kind, and was marred by the incident-turned-brawl. Afterwards, a massive fight broke out between the …

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