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Brunei Sharia Law Going Into Effect

Hassanal Bolkiah, 67, The Sultan of Brunei, plans to begin enforcing Sharia law for Muslims and non-Muslims on Thursday, despite concerns from human rights campaigners and international watchdog groups. In the Arabic-speaking world, Sharia, also known as Islāmī qānūn, means the moral code and religious law of a prophetic religion. Sharia deals with many of the same topics addressed by …

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Gaming Jeopardizes player’s Life And Feet

Roxanne Myers was doing some research on gaming addiction for her senior thesis when she decided to join a weekend-long gaming challenge to add some substance to her study. After over a day and many hours of being seated at her desk competing in the challenge, she fell asleep. She was exhausted and needed the rest. The only problem was, …

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