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Chantelle Winnie: Supermodel With Vitiligo Says She Was Bullied

Chantelle Winnie is telling a story that belongs in today’s bullying-aware environment. The supermodel says she was bullied in school. if you know Chantelle Winnie, you probably can guess why. “I discovered that I was ‘different’ in the third grade,” Winnie said in a Cosmpolitan interview. “As the new kid at school, I was trying hard to find my footing. …

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Angelea Preston Sues Tyra Banks, CW over ‘ANTM’ Disqualification

The drama on America’s Next Top Model is truly never-ending. Angelea Preston, a former participant in multiple cycles of the popular show, is suing Tyra Banks and the CW network for breach of contract. According to the LA Times, Preston claims that she was disqualified from the show due to the fact that she had worked as an escort. She’s …

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Kim Stolz, Former Model, Writes New Book

Model and television personality, Kim Stolz, can now add “author” to her list of accomplishments. The 30-year old America’s Next Top Model contestant has written a new book on the hilarity of social media revolution, chronicling a life filtered through our obsessions with technology. The book is titled Unfriending My Ex: And Other Things I’ll Never Do. In an interview …

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Tyra Banks Headed Back to Daytime TV

Tyra Banks is reportedly headed back to daytime TV. The former Victoria’s Secret model and TV personality will launch a new lifestyle show set to hit the airwaves in 2015. A wide range of topics will be presented on the new as-yet unnamed daytime talk show and guests will include experts on these topics. “The fire to inspire women and …

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