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Americans Media Consumption To Increase

Americans are spending an increasing amount of time-consuming media. The variety ranges from TV, radio, Internet, newspapers and magazine. According to the Census Bureau’s Statistical Abstract of the United States: 2007 half of our lives will be spent consuming some form of media.

Americans With Disabilities Act: For The Web?

It’s a huge question: Should the Americans with Disabilities Act apply to online businesses as much as it should to brick-and-mortar stores?

Americans Turning To Web For Big Decisions

As the Internet grows to become the default source of information for millions of Americans, 45% of Internet users, or 60 million Americans, say that the World Wide Web played a major role in major decision-making in the past two years, says Pew Internet and American Life Project.

Americans Tell DOJ to Keep Hands Off Search Data

A new study by the Center for Survey Research at the University of Connecticut suiggest 65% of Americans oppose government monitoring of search behavior with 50% saying search engines should not turn over any information to the government.

One in Five Americans Read Blogs

Battelle extracts a useful snippet from a recent Gallup poll on internet usage.

Blogger Steve Rubel Has Skin Cancer

This morning, just hours before boarding a plane for Texas, I learned that I have been diagnosed with skin cancer. I am fortunate.

Blogs Get More Commonplace

Information Week reports on a study from Internet metrics agency ComScore that shows a third of the Americans who are online visited a blog in the first quarter of the year.

What Do Americans Look For When Searching

What topics are being looked for by Americans when they search? A recent study from Harris Interactive gives some insight into this subject.

Americans Still Unaware Of Blogosphere

As blogging continues to engrain itself into the everyday life of the Internet, some have wondered just how far the blogosphere has penetrated into normal day-to-day life.

Americans Shanghaied For Movie Piracy

Cooperation by Chinese and American firms leads to substantial penalties for American suspects in Shanghai.

Most Americans Not Familiar With Blogs

According to a new CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll, relatively few Americans are familiar with the phenomenon of blogging.

Most Americans Don’t Read Blogs, So What?

A CNN/Gallup Poll finds that more than three-quarters of Americans – 76 percent – said they use the Internet, but only 26 percent said they were “very familiar” or “somewhat familiar” with blogs.

Americans to Seek New Jobs in the New Year

As companies across the nation finalize their 2005 staffing needs, job seekers are gearing up to ring in the New Year with an energized career.

What Makes Americans Hate Their Jobs?

Here are the sobering facts: studies show that almost 70% of all employees dislike or downright hate their jobs.

Yahoo News and Google News Now Reach More Than 27 Million Americans a Month
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At the recent Search Engine Strategies conference in San Jose, many search engine marketers seemed surprised to discover that Yahoo News (http://news.yahoo.com) now reaches a larger unique audience in the U.S. than MSNBC.

Brazilians Outnumber Americans in Orkut

One might think that the top users in Orkut would be Americans. Given that this is a Google sponsored social-networking site, this seems logical. But the truth is that thousands of Brazilians have become loyal devotees of Google’s popular new service.

Over 100 Million Americans Use Search Engines

Nielsen//NetRatings recently reported that 1 in 3 Americans use search engines in their daily lives. This means that over 76% of the online population uses one of many available search engines in their day-to-day browsing.