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American Reunion Fails To Win Box Office Battle

For the third week in a row, the post apocalyptic film “The Hunger Games” is the king of the box office. This is in spite of the “American Reunion” crew putting up a strong showing. “The Hunger Games” pulled in another $33.5 million bringing its total to $302.9 million. The movie is the fourth true installment in the series, but …

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American Pie’s Jason Biggs Parodies Jason Russell’s Post-Kony 2012 Naked Incident

Remember American Pie? No, not Don McLean’s moving tribute to Buddy Holly. I meant the late-nineties teen flick where Jason Biggs’s character famously copulates with an apple pie. Yeah, that one. Well they’re making another sequel, called American Reunion (I hear the working title was “Dead Horse”), and the cast has been on tour promoting the new film. As a …

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