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U.S. Death Rate From Cancer is Dropping Fast

Though cancer hasn’t been completely cured, it’s clear that treatments for the disease have improved over the past two decades. A yearly report from the American Cancer Society has shown that the death rate from cancer in the U.S. is declining among all Americans and for the most common types of cancer. The report, published recently in the Journal of …

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Accuracy Of Breast Cancer Web Sites Questioned

Researchers at the University of Texas in Houston have found that one in 20 breast cancer Web pages contained inaccurate information and sites featuring complimentary and alternative medicine were 15 times more likely to have false or misleading health information.

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Peas On Earth, Goodwill Toward Twitter

A couple of days ago something strange began happening on Twitter. Avatars of the people I follow began sporting peas. Peas in the background, in the foreground, pea pods, pea hats. And I’m all, "what’s with the freakin’ peas?"

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