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Is the Future of Television in Jeopardy?
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“It’s all about power.  Their delight is about screwing somebody,” said Charles Pogue referring to the major studios and production companies in Hollywood and New York. Pogue is a screenwriter, current member of the Writers Guild of America, and former member of the Board of Directors for the WGA. 

Yahoo Launches Social Site For College Grads
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Due to the arrival of OpenSocial, it felt like social networking had reached a new stage of development; Facebook stood alone, but other companies began to march under a single flag.  Now, however, there’s another “loose” contender called Kickstart.

Newspaper Websites Are Booming

The Newspaper Association of America said 59.6 million people visited newspaper Web sites in July 2007, a 9 percent increase over the same period a year ago.

Bank Of America Launches Social Network
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Bank of America is moving into the social networking territory and has launched a site focused on helping small business owners.

Exclusive: Miss America Talks Net Safety

Miss America is taking steps to keep kids safe on the Internet with a new web browser designed especially for kids. Miss America, Lauren Nelson, spoke exclusively in a video interview with WebProNews about the launch. The browser is a partnership with the Children’s Educational Network.

Virgin America To Offer Music Videos

Virgin America and VH1 have partnered to offer domestic, on-demand music video library on the carrier’s New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC and Las Vegas routes.

Virgin America To Get In-Flight Broadband

Virgin America has partnered with wireless communications provider AirCell to offer broadband Internet services for passengers traveling in the continental U.S. The service will launch sometime in 2008.

Google Tracks Hydrogen Peroxide Terrorists?

This isn’t breaking news in the business or financial sense, but it is, as far as anybody seems to know, new.  So here we go: British police have put a sponsored link in Google’s search results, and that ad connects hydrogen peroxide and the anti-terrorist hotline.  Confused?  So are the rest of us.

Up-And-Coming Airline Gets Google Maps

Virgin America is a new airline that hopes to have some planes in the sky before September.  When this occurs, the planes will be loaded with special software – each seatback will come adorned with a Google Maps display.

Google Seen As Perfect Employer In Europe

Well, it’s (more or less) official: should Google ever decide to take over the world, most of us will be willing to aid it.  The results of a new study confirm that, in certain European circles, the search engine giant is regarded as an ideal employer.

Universal Search Not Universally Good For Google
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To some people, the launch of Google Universal Search meant nothing – it’s a good bet that the release went unnoticed by many.  Yet to others, it was a big deal, and bits and pieces of Google itself seem to have been affected in major, traffic-related ways.

Wazap Arrives In America
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A new games search engine is here – sort of – and its name is Wazap!  Already popular in Europe and Asia, Wazap! promises to provide “extensive and accurate results” for all things game-related.  And, on a side note, your humble author promises to stop putting exclamation marks after the word “Wazap.”

Macmillan CEO Lifts Google Laptops

Richard Charkin is the CEO of Macmillan Publishers, and he recently got into a bit of a tiff with Google.  This didn’t involve angry letters or frivolous lawsuits (entertaining as those are); instead, Charkin stole a pair of Google laptops.  And blogged about it.

Build Your Own Amazon.com

My friend Scott Beale is taking a little heat over at his blog Laughing Squid for promoting Amazon’s latest offering to let bloggers and others build online stores where they can promote the products and artists that they support.

Google, VW Become Partners In Crime

Google and Volkswagen have been pals for over a year, but that once-pure relationship appears to have recently devolved into a criminal partnership.  It turns out that the Volkswagen home page – which is powered by a Google Search Appliance, and was also recently featured in the Google Enterprise Blog – contains some hidden text.

Happenings in the Industry
A few quick links of worthy happenings in the industry:

More MSM foolishness and incomplete reporting at Forbes, “Condemned to Google Hell“. Yeah, that’s right. On this one I am drinking the Google kool aid.

Google Earth To Showcase Beautiful Buildings

Architecture is one of those subjects that appeals, on some level, to just about everybody; from your basic suburban house to St. Basil’s Cathedral, it’s just too entwined in our lives to go unnoticed.  Now architecture is being noticed by Google Earth – The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has helped design two new 3D layers for the software.

Yahoo! Releases Upcoming.org 2.0
Great News for all you Upcoming.org fans, today the Yahoo Search Blog announced the release of Upcoming.org 2.0 which includes some additional changes and upgrades to Upcoming, including the integration of Flickr and the transition of Upcoming.org onto the Signle Sign in Yahoo! Local platform.

And this time Yahoo! seems to have sweeten the deal with a free offer of a T-shirt. However its only available to America and Canada.

Online Reputation Management Basics
As much time and effort that marketers put into improving visibility within search results, not all search engine ranking pages (SERPs) are good. Increasing numbers of companies are experiencing the sharp edge of the sword from disgruntled employees or customers taking advantage of the amazingly simplistic process of publishing content to the web.

Historic American Newspapers Move Online
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If you are an American History buff you will be interested to know that the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) and the Library of Congress has announced that "Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers" is available online.

The site has more than 226,000 pages of public domain newspapers from California, Florida, Kentucky, New York, Utah, Virginia and Washington DC published between 1900 and 1910. The text of the newspapers is searchable, and search terms can focus on a single state, newspaper, year and months.

HGTV Adds Social Network

HGTV, the home and garden cable channel owned by Scripps Networks has launched a social network called Rate My Room. The new social community can be seen at HGTV.com.

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