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Idina Menzel, John Legend: Super Bowl’s Patriotic Voices

Idina Menzel and John Legend will serve as the patriotic singing voices of Super Bowl XLIX at Phoenix Stadium on February 1st. Menzel, best known for her vocals behind ‘Let It Go,’ from Disney’s Frozen, will belt out the National Anthem. John Legend will rouse patriotism with his rendition of ‘America the Beautiful.’ Legend follows in the footsteps of some …

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Coca Cola’s ‘America The Beautiful’ Ad Causes Controversy

This year Coca Cola ditched its lovable polar bears, opting instead for  for a more arousing Super Bowl commercial. Coca Cola chose to go with an ad that they had to have known would spark controversy — but some call that good marketing. After all, the Super Bowl came and went and we’re still talking about the commercial. The commercial …

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Queen Latifah Talks New Music And Super Bowl Performance

Queen Latifah has been quite busy over the past couple weeks. First, the Queen stepped into the role of officiator, marrying 33 couples live at the 56th annual Grammy Awards last weekend. Then yesterday, she ventured back into the world of music, as she sang “America the Beautiful” at Super Bowl XLVIII. Right before she took the field, Latifah weighed …

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Queen Latifah Honored By Super Bowl Gig

Queen Latifah sang America the Beautiful at the Super Bowl on Sunday and said she was honored to be a part of the biggest football game of the year. She says the history of the game and the responsibility to honor that tradition is a huge undertaking–and one she didn’t take lightly. “Anybody who takes it as a joke … …

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