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Black Friday Ads 2014: Best of Amazon

Black Friday ads for 2014–what does Amazon offer? Quite a bit, especially if you’re shopping for electronics. In fact, they have a pretty impressive list of wares that Black Friday shoppers will likely make note of and compare to other retailers like Walmart, Target, and Best Buy. Amazon has teased sales for more than a week now, with decent prices …

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Amazon Sales Tax Laws Expand to Three More States

Consumers in Indiana, Nevada and Tennessee will no longer get a free pass on sales tax when shopping on Starting today, residents in those states will join the 16 other states in the country that automatically pay tax on Amazon purchases. South Carolina is not far behind, consumers in the Palmetto State, will begin paying taxes on all purchases …

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Amazon Announces Best Books of 2012

Today, released their list of the best books of 2012. By no means complete the list reflects publications released between January 2012 and June 2012. There are twenty books on the list overall, but the release is dominated by the editors top ten recommendations (which follows below). The books included are available in physical copy or the ever more …

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Amazon Web Services Lowers Premium Tier Prices and Expands Free Support

Today, Amazon Web Services announced free support for all customers and a price drop on premium service packages. They are also introducing a number of new features that will help their clients increase performance, close security gaps, keep them better informed, and save them money. Their support engineers are available 24 hours a day, and offer assistance with an unlimited …

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Amazon Prime Strikes a Deal with Paramount Pictures

If you’ve been a Netflix subscriber forever and you’re looking to expand your horizons and try out some other streaming video services, this next deal might make Amazon Prime a provider for you. has just struck a deal with Paramount Pictures that will bring big titles like Mission Impossible, Braveheart, Forrest Gump, Mean Girls, Nacho Libre, Clueless and many …

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Amazon Announces Service Center in Winchester, KY

Kentucky State Governor Steve Beshear (pictured to the right) and are excited to introduce a new project in Winchester, Kentucky that could employ over 1100 people by the year 2017. Amazon is investing over $20 million in a 70,000 square-foot customer service center that is slated to be open by the end of 2013. Eventually the facility could employ …

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Amazon.Com Q1 2012 Financial Report

Yesterday released their first quarter financial results for 2012, and all seems to be going well. Net sales have increase by 34% to almost $13.2 billion as compared to the same period in 2011 ($9.9 billion). Operating cash flow is up 1% to $3.05 billion compared with $3.3 billion from the same time last year. Unfortunately free cash flow …

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Amazon Introduces Supply For Business & Industrial Customers has just introduced another convenient and affordable supply service, this time for business and industrial customers. The new service, AmazonSupply, features over 500,000 items from leading name brand manufacturers. Amazon lists the following 14 categories in their release about AmazonSupply: * Lab & Scientific * Test, Measure & Inspect * Occupational Health & Safety * Janitorial & Sanitation * …

Read More Loved The Most Among American Shoppers

Store-front displays are so 2011. At least, that would be the interpretation of a new survey released by Brodeur Partners as shoppers named the most relevant retailer above all other retailers, including the brick-and-mortar standbys such as Target, Wal-Mart, and Apple. The study asked shoppers to look at 21 of the nation’s top retailers and then select through an …

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America Is Impatient Thanks To The Internet

The Internet sure is great, isn’t it? It allows us to conveniently search for information, shop and be entertained all from the comfort of our homes. That convenience comes with a price – we’re all turning into impatient jerks. Online Graduate Programs has created a fascinating infographic that displays just how impatient we here in America are when it comes …

Read More Speculated To Launch in India, Calls Itself

Sources say that is developing a website for India called According to the source, the page isn’t operational as of yet, but it is reportedly still in the developmental stages. is already preparing to launch a marketplace with many Indian e-commerce ventures and only moderate transactions. It has been reported that is not yet permitted to …

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Amazon Launches DNS Cloud Service

 Amazon Web Services (AWS) has launched Amazon Route 53, a Domain Name System (DNS) in the cloud that allows businesses to direct Internet traffic to web applications.

Amazon Route 53 can be used to route end users to multiple AWS services including Amazon EC2, an Amazon Elastic Load Balancer or an Amazon S3 bucket, and to infrastructure outside of AWS.

Route 53 features a self-service design with a pay-as-you-go model where users pay only for managing domains through the service and the number of queries that the service answers.

Read More Launches Motion Gaming Site has introduced “Amazon Motion Gaming 101,” a new section in its video game store aimed at offering information about motion-gaming technology.

The site focuses on providing easy-to-find information about motion-sensitive gaming, including educational videos, customized game recommendations, customer reviews, buying guides and gift suggestions.


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Amazon Makes Checkout Easier On Third-Party Sites has introduced “Checkout by Amazon” (CBA) that allows people with accounts to make purchases on third-party sites using their Amazon account credentials without having to leave the merchant’s site.

Amazon says by streamlining the checkout process for customers that it reduces the potential for shopping car abandonment for merchants.


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