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Amazon Coins Expanded To Two More Countries

Amazon Coins (not to be confused with Amazon’s recently launched store for collectable coins) is expanding into Japan and Australia. The virtual currency was launched last year, and the company says customers have already spent hundreds of millions of Amazon Coins. Amazon’s Mike Hines writes in a blog post: Now customers in Japan and Australia can use Amazon Coins on …

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Amazon Coins Now Available On Android Devices

Last year, Amazon got into the digital currency game with Amazon Coins. Exclusive to Kindle devices, Amazon Coins were an easy way for consumers to buy apps and games on the Amazon Appstore. Now the digital currency is making its way to all Android devices. Amazon announced this morning that Amazon Coins are now available to all Android device users …

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You Can Now Gift Amazon Coins To Your Kindle-Owning Friends And Family

Earlier this year, Amazon got into the digital currency game with Amazon Coins. In essence, Kindle users can use Coins to buy games, apps and in-app purchases on mostly everything in the Amazon Appstore. Now those same Kindle users can gift Amazon Coins to other Kindle users. Amazon announced today that it’s now letting users gift Amazon Coins to others …

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Kindle Fire Gets Amazon Coins, Amazon’s Virtual Currency

Back in February, Amazon announced that Amazon Coins, its new virtual currency, would be coming to Kindle Fire devices in May. It’s May, and today, the company announced that the currency is now available. Customers can now start using the currency in any app from the Amazon Appstore. To celebrate, the company is giving away 500 free coins to all …

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Amazon Coins Bring Virtual Currency To Kindle Fire Apps And Games

For the past year, Amazon has been making development for its Kindle Fire tablets easier and more lucrative. Now the retail giant is ready to enter into the next phase of setting up a thriving mobile marketplace – virtual currency. Amazon announced today that it will be launching Amazon Coins in May. The new virtual currency is expected to bring …

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