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Amazing Race Cast Announced for Season 23

Wednesday brought the announcement of the cast for the 23rd season of CBS’ The Amazing Race. Eleven new teams will set out on a race around the world, hoping they will be met at the end with $1 million. The …

Amazing Race Finale Will Keep You On The Edge Of Your Seat
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For many, the popular reality show “Amazing Race” is an escape, a chance to live vicariously through several couples who get to travel the world in a race to a million-dollar finish line. But the upcoming finale, which airs tonight, …

Amazing Race Feeds Into E-Commerce

Reality show contestants don’t vanish into fictional poofs at the show’s conclusion. They’re not the cast of Friends; there is life after the show. Chip Arndt, half of the winning duo of Amazing Race 4, left reality stardom to set up Merchant Advantage, an e-commerce company small businesses need to know about.