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Amanda Todd’s Cyber-Bully Arrested in the Netherlands

After almost two years, a breakthrough in the case of Amanda Todd, the Canadian teen who was bullied to death over the internet, has been made. The Dutch police have made an arrest and filed charges against the man who they believe who targeted her until her suicide in 2012. CTV News posted a timeline of events concerning Todd’s suicide. …

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Anonymous Hunts Down Alleged Bully That Pushed Teen To Suicide

By now, the world is aware of Amanda Todd. The 15-year-old committed suicide after struggling with depression and being bullied. It was an unfortunate event that could have been avoided if more people had seen the warning signs and stepped in. Anonymous thinks that Todd’s case was special, however, and has tracked down the man they feel is responsible for …

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Amanda Todd: Teen Still Bullied After Death

Amanda Todd, 15, posted a video on YouTube in September featuring distressing comments about the fact that she was alone, bullied, and depressed. When no one responded, she turned to suicide. It all started when she was in the 7th grade and flashed the camera while one of her friends was taping; somehow, a photo of her topless got leaked …

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