Amanda Congdon Articles

ABC: Amanda’s Been Canned

Ex-Rocketboom host Amanda Congdon won’t have her contract renewed with ABC, after a year of working with the network.

Amanda Booms On To HBO and ABC

As many people predicted when Rocketboom host Amanda Congdon split up so acrimoniously with her former partner Andrew Baron (which I wrote about here), it didn’t take long for someone to see the potential benefit of having an attractive video-blogger with a built-in following on their payroll.

Amanda Congdon Rockets To Disney

The House of Mouse has given former Rocketboom anchor Amanda Congdon a new home, where she will contribute to ABC News online and television broadcasts.

Amanda Congdon chats with Guy Kawasaki

Amanda Congdon, video blogger, actress, and much more has recently added a video interview with one of my favorite evangelists, Guy Kawasaki.

Blip.tv Gives Glimpse Of TV Future

Blip.tv co-founder and COO Dina Kaplan has no shortage of energy. She’s a five-three or so bottle of Jolt Cola, shaken up and gushing forth about her company, which is proud to host the unboomed Amanda Congdon’s cross-country video tour, AmandaAcrossAmerica, (sponsored by AAA?).

Rocketboom 2.0 Delayed, Fans Lash Out

Rocketboom fans have been hanging on for the next boom since Amanda Congdon’s dramatic unbooming. The next incarnation is now two days late as the world awaits how the new hostess will handle her duties, and to see if Rocketboom 2.0 will reach liftoff.

Congdon Replaced By English Accent

How will Rocketboom’s Andrew Baron replace his vamoosing attractive, smart, witty, and charming anchor Amanda Congdon? The space in front of the upside down map of the world will be filled by an attractive, smart, witty, and charming anchorwoman with a British accent. So, ha!

Slightly Sunburned, Congdon Strikes Back

“Dirty laundry is not attractive,” writes Amanda Congdon, the now former Rocketboom video blogger with a cult following. Her sudden public exodus yesterday sparked the Internet version of the Star Jones Wars of last week. Everyone knows that if you’re going down, you should go down shooting.

Congdon Unbooms Herself, Maybe

RocketBoom star video blogger Amanda Congdon shocked not only her fans, but apparently her partner as well, when she announced this morning that she had been “unboomed.” Though the details are unclear, Congdon has left the building – Star Jones style.

Amanda Congdon Talks Syndicating Videoblogs at Syndicate NY

Video blogs shouldn’t be called “Internet TV”; Congdon said that completely devalues them. “They are a totally unique video experience, usually more casual.”

Rocketboom Finds PodZinger For Search

The popular Rocketboom video blog reached a point where it needed a more robust search feature, and partnered with PodZinger to fulfill that function.