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Amanda Bynes: Queen Of Tweet And Delete

Amanda Bynes never ceases to impress with her tweets. I mean that in a bad trainwreck sort of way, but lately, the bizarre world she lives in is getting a little more interesting. After biking and aimlessly wandering around New York City with a bandage on her cheek and a special ring on her important finger, at least one of …

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Adolf Hitler, Beautiful People, And Amanda Bynes: What Has The Troubled Starlet Said NOW?

As the downward spiral of actress Amanda Bynes continues, we can all only watch as the starlet rants about various topics and wonder. Recently Bynes shared her thoughts an a subject that many didn’t see coming: Adolf Hitler. Amanda took to Twitter to “educate” the masses about Hitler and Nazi Germany. According to the 28-year-old, Hitler “tricked the [G]ermans into …

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Amanda Bynes: Have Parents Finally Given Up On Their Troubled Daughter?

While onlookers contemplate the state of Amanda Bynes’ mental health, it appears the troubled starlet’s parents can take no more. In an exclusive report, TMZ claims that Bynes’ mother and father will surrender her conservatorship to a third party. Amanda Bynes was furious at her mom and dad over their attempts to interfere in her life as well as their …

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Amanda Bynes Proves Rehab Is Harder Than You Think

The Amanda Bynes DUI situation is a major disappointment to fans and onlookers, but perhaps not all that shocking. Even her own family admits that there were signs that the 28-year-old former child star was falling off the wagon. However like everyone else, they wanted to believe the best. Earlier this year, it seemed that Amanda had gotten her act …

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Amanda Bynes: Does She Seem Better Post-Rehab?

It seems that for one reason or another so many child stars at some point end up in a rehabilitation center. Even more disconcerting, many of these young people are unable to overcome their inner demons. When you think of Amanda Bynes as the funny adorable little girl on Nickelodeon’s “All That” and later a quirky teen on “The Amanda …

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Amanda Bynes Making Positive Changes: Hits Gym Weeks After Rehab

Amanda Bynes may really be turning over a new leaf! Several news outlets have reported that the 27-year-old actress has been quite dedicated to her daily workout sessions. It was also reported that the troubled star started her physical road to recovery in Utah earlier this month. According to E! News, Bynes reportedly began working to get her old body back last …

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