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Fish With “Human Teeth”? You Won’t Believe The Explanation

A fish with HUMAN teeth? This is what a fisherman in Russia claimed to have captured after reeling in a most peculiar sea animal. Aleks Korobov was fishing at Arkhangelsk Oblast district’s Northern Dvina River when he caught the creature. At first the 50-year-old was convinced he’d hooked an ordinary bream. Said Korobov, “I opened its gills which were nice …

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New Fall Shows In Place for Fox, NBC, CBS

While several long-running TV shows ended this year, such as “The Office” and “30 Rock,” there are quite a few shows that will have their series premieres in the coming weeks. Some of these shows will feature big name TV and movie stars while others will go with relative unknowns. Check out the trailers for a few of the new …

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