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Salma Hayek Admits She Was Once A “Desperate Dater”

Salma Hayek hasn’t always been lucky in the ways of love and romance. Of course, Salma Hayek found love and has been married to billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault since 2009. Salma Hayek and her hubby also share a daughter, Valentina, who was born in 2007. But, Salma Hayek admits she was once pretty normal and even (gasp!) desperate. Weren’t most people …

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Salma Hayek Is Bare-Breasted In Allure Magazine — Wow! [Photos]

This month’s issue of Allure magazine features the beautiful Salma Hayek looking still as sexy and radiant as ever. A close-up photo of the 48-year-old actress featured on the mag’s cover shows a glamorous face with lined eyes, long, thick, and lush eyelashes, and a sweet and romantic updo. Salma Hayek is simply smokin’ in the new @Allure_magazine: http://t.co/i2nU254f0Y pic.twitter.com/JZjkni3sxG …

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Rachel McAdams On Lindsay, Ryan, and Stripping

Rachel McAdams recently did an interview for Allure magazine which included an impressive photo shoot and some very interesting questions. The famously private Rachel McAdams has starred in many movies during her acting career, one of the most memorable being the now-classic movie Mean Girls. She starred in that quotable movie with Lindsay Lohan, who of course went on to …

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Katie Holmes in Glamour Magazine Goes Topless

Katie Holmes still wore pants during her photo-shoot for Glamour Magazine, but that’s about all she wore. For their denim issue, Glamour decided jeans would be perfect. But denim shirts were optional. For her part, Holmes hasn’t been shy about the results. And results are simply stunning. But Glamour didn’t just take her picture and leave it at that. They …

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Avril Lavigne Gets A Makeunder By Allure Magazine

Avril Lavigne has developed a signature look for herself. Vary rarely, if ever, do you see Lavigne without her dark black eyeliner, that she has long been known for. So, to switch things up, Allure magazine decided to try something new, and give Lavigne a makeunder. “I wear the black eyeliner — M.A.C. Smolder — pretty much every day,” Lavigne …

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Kate Upton Has A Very Proud Mama

Kate Upton is one of those women who inspires very passionate feelings in everyone; either you really like her, or you really don’t. She’s garnered criticism for her body–despite being a Sports Illustrated cover model–and for her choices in jobs, such as the highly-sexualized commercial for Carl’s Jr. that put her on the map, but she’ll always have at least …

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