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Allchin’s PCs vs. Macs Rant

Jim AllchinWindows Vista Team Blog : Setting The Record Straight. Jim Allchin responds over on his blog regarding a recent news report quoting him as saying that he would have bought a Mac if he weren’t working for Microsoft in an email to Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates.

Windows Chief Allchin: Id Buy A Mac

An exhibit in an Iowa antitrust case against Microsoft had this tidbit about Jim Allchin, the longtime chief of Windows development:

Who Should Speak?

Robert Scoble is taking some heat for not commenting quickly enough on Microsoft’s decision to delay of Windows Vista by a few weeks.

Microsoft Reorganizes, Allchin Out In 2006

The corporate boardroom in Redmond gets a reshuffle, and it looks like Jim Allchin will turn in his key to the executive washroom at the end of 2006.

Microsoft Gets Community Sites Mad At Them

Earlier today I found out Microsoft was asking community sites to pull down screen shots of Longhorn. Aaarrrrgggghhhh.