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Alibaba IPO Gets The NMA Treatment

Next Media Animation is at it again. The Taiwanese animators have released this video depicting a predictably insane take on the Alibaba IPO. It involves a giant panda, some puppies, and a genie. The company filed for the IPO earlier this week. It’s said to be the largest ever for a tech company. The Chinese e-commerce giant dominates mobile commerce …

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Alibaba Finally Files For IPO, Which Is Said To Be Largest Ever For Tech Company

As expected for quite a while, Alibaba has finally filed for its IPO, and word is that it will be the biggest one ever for a tech company. The Chinese e-commerce giant dominates mobile commerce in that country, accounting for a reported 76% of all sales and roughly 136 million MAUs. Alibaba also detailed its financial performance for the first …

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Yahoo and Alibaba Make Stock Deal Official

Remember the $7 billion deal we were talking about on Friday with Yahoo and Chinese-based Alibaba? Well, they are making it official. Yahoo has agreed to sell off its shares of the Alibaba empire. A majority will be purchased back by the company and the remained will be sold after the Alibaba IPO, whenever that is. The deal was announced …

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Yahoo and Alibaba Come to a Compromise Over Shares

Before Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson offered his resignation at Yahoo he visited China several times and met with Alibaba CEO Jack Ma. The two CEOs along with Yahoo’s CFO Tim Morse and legal head Mike Callahan were working out a deal to determine what should be done with Yahoo’s large stake in the Chinese company. Apparently that deal came to …

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