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Algorithm Apathy Affecting Ask Ads?
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Jim Lanzone and company want to own the mindshare for the word ‘algorithm’ as their massive advertising campaign to promote that and Ask’s brand continues.

Simple Algorithm for Google’s Rankings

Perhaps Google’s algorithm isn’t as difficult as we all think?

No, I haven’t been sitting in front of the microwave for too long again. Before you rip me to pieces, give me a few seconds to explain myself!

Possible Technology Limitations

Now, we all know that Google has one of the largest server farms in the world, estimated upwards of 250,000 individual servers spread worldwide. In spite of this fact, many people lost sight of the fact that Google only has a finite (albeit large) amount or resources.

Google Bombs Removed by Separate Algorithm

Matt Cutts confirmed in comments at Search Engine Land exactly what I’ve suspected, that Google defuses Google bombs by using specific code designed to do so.

Ask Ads Attack Algorithm Apathy
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People will see a nine-figure advertising campaign emerge from IAC as they spend $100 million of Barry Diller’s money to try and make Ask.com a search habit on the Internet

Ask Found Jesus, But Doesn’t Want To Talk About It

If Ask.com hasn’t gotten much attention because of their search engine lately, they’re at least raising eyebrows through new (and kind of cerebral) ad campaigns. An algorithm that "constantly finds Jesus" but can’t really find itself is beside the point – it’s all about engaging the public and rousing curiosity, says Ask’s VP of marketing.

There have been billboard sightings in New York, LA, and San Francisco – weird billboards with weird sentences and no explanation.
Sentences like:

SES – SEO Women Lunch
Not a walk in the park. Day 3 of the NYC SES conference is the day that a Women in SEO luncheon gathering took place a few blocks from the hotel. It was invite only, which meant I got to go because I’m a woman. Nothing else special. Like an engagement over TV or anything.

SEO All-Stars Rank Top 10 Algorithm Factors
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This isn’t reverse engineering, says SEOMoz’s Rand Fishkin, who called a virtual quorum of the top 37 minds in the SEO business. It’s a list of 35 factors that make up, in Fishkin’s estimation, 90-95 percent of what Google’s algorithm is looking for when determining rankings.

The Week in SEO

I come across a lot of good articles each week that I never get to mention, so I thought I’d join some of the other bloggers in the seo community and offer a few links. I’ve hesitated to do this in the past, because I imagine you’ll already have seen some of these, but I decided to give it a shot and see how it goes.

Google’s Greed Over a Rollback

Google recently announced they were updating the Adwords Quality Score, however it appears that there is a bug that raises the prices form any advertisers:

Google AdWords Quality Score Has Major Bug

Google AdWords Adds Quality Score Column & To Improved Quality Algorithm from Wednesday warned us of the new changes coming but apparently there is a bug that makes good performing ads prices spike through the roof.

StuntDubl’s Friday Favorites

I missed last week (My laptop started with the “laptop death rattle” – so it was a scramble to do data backups, find and migrate to a new machine). One of the worst parts of being a solo shop is being your own IT guy. Excuses aside – here’s twice the friday favorite goodness for this week.

Digg – More Than Meets the Eye

Although the concept of Digg seems very simple, it is actually very complicated.

Digg Could be New Google…Suggested Improvements

Despite being incredibly sick of always hearing about “the new google”, and not believing it can happen due to the extremely high barrier to entry, I think there *IS* still opportunity for someone to gain significant share of the stagnating search marketplace.

Top Ranking in Google But Nothing in Yahoo!
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SEO Question: I rank #3 in Google for one of my core keywords and yet I am nowhere in it for Yahoo!. Why?

AdWords Algorithm Effecting Paid and Organic Search?

The roll out of the new Google AdWords algorithm is supposed to be calculating the quality score of a landing page.

Rand Cracks Google Algorithm

Rand has a post on the Google algo that’s beautiful in it’s brevity. Don’t miss this one.

The Google Algorithm, According To Fishkin

No one in the public sphere knows much about the Google algorithm, and the company undoubtedly plans to keep things that way. SEO expert Rand Fishkin made an educated guess, though, and attempted “to write out a rough outline of what the formula might look like.”

Online Purchasing Simplified By Swaptree

A new online bartering service is hoping to simplify the way people get (and get rid of) used goods. Swaptree intends to let consumers directly trade books, CDs, DVDs, and videogames, with up to four users able to participate in a single transaction.

Google Aquires Rights to Text Search Algorithm

Google has hired Israeli-born Ori Allon, an Australian student who has developed a text-search algorithm called Orion, according to News.com.au.

Merchant Account Application Review

Many merchant account applications are difficult and frustrating to use. That’s why it’s nice to see easier applications come along like Express Merchant Processing Solutions.

Google Analytics To Alter Google Algorithm? Google Analytics To Alter Google Algorithm?
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The big news today is that Google has made Urchin free and renamed it Google Analytics. This could be a serious blow to competitors such as WebTrends, although I doubt Google will initially offer a free package that competes on an enterprise level.

The Google Algorithm: 400 Million Variables

A century ago (well, ok, 1999) an article on Larry Page and Sergey Brin’s new company described the nascent Google as a search engine that (gasp) just searches.

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