Twitter Deploys New Algorithm to Fight Abuse

Twitter Deploys New Algorithm to Fight Abuse

By Josh Wolford April 21, 2015

Twitter has a known and admitted problem with abusive content – one that truly embodies the phrase “no silver bullet.” How do you stop people from harassing others? How do you prevent people from tweeting abusive content? You can’t ban …

Google’s Ad Related Algorithm Update Analyzed By Experts Google’s Ad Related Algorithm Update Analyzed By Experts

We’ve covered the topic of Google’s latest update, and tried to raise important questions regarding the implications of the update. What do the experts in the field of SEO have to say regarding this update? There’s one specific aspect of …

How Is Google’s Algorithm Update Determining “Ads Above The Fold”? How Is Google’s Algorithm Update Determining “Ads Above The Fold”?

Less ads intruding on quality content, it’s a simple concept – right? When the majority of us visits a website, we’re visiting to get something we want. When an obstacle is in our way from the main goal, we tend …

SEO Experts React To Google Algorithm Update SEO Experts React To Google Algorithm Update

I’m not sure what other writers are calling Google’s algorithm update, as we’ve only had it for a day. I’m staying with the KISS (keep it simple stupid) method, and calling it “Google Fresh“. No doubt, SEO experts, webmasters, and …

Google Algorithm Update Focuses On Freshness and Recency Google Algorithm Update Focuses On Freshness and Recency

At the rate information is transferring, it seems like a losing game to try and stay current on everything that is occurring. However, it’s exactly what Google is planning with their latest algorithm update. Simply put, they’re trying to make …

Is Brand the Key to Ranking on Google?

A recent SEOBook article highlights a good deal of evidence that Google is placing more emphasis on brands than ever before. Author Aaron Wall takes an in depth look at how Google’s algorithm has evolved over his own SEO career, and points out some hints Google has provided in the media as to where its headed before answering a few questions from me for this article.

Yahoo Continues Search Update

As the index receives another round of tweaks at Yahoo, the search gurus there managed to fix an annoying Site Explorer issue.

Rose Explains Digg’s Outage: Algo Update

Midday visitors to Digg yesterday encountered its “out of service” message. Kevin Rose explained why on his blog.

Trust and Authority in Google’s Algorithm

If you’ve ever been to search engine conference and attended a site review session chances are you’ve heard panelists mention duplicate content penalties and filters.

For “normal” people these problems are real, however with Google a double standard exists for trusted authority websites.


Case and point the SERP for [Green Real Estate] screen shot below:

Addressing Assumptions of the Original PageRank

When the original PageRank algorithm was conceived, it was built around the a mathematical formalization called random walk or RW.

Can Google’s Algo Co-exist with Trust?

In a previous article, Is Universal Search Harder?, I discussed how a universal type of search can actually make finding what you are searching for more difficult. Google includes their own version of Universal Search in many of their search results pages, bringing us news, images, videos and so forth along with traditional web pages.

The Stumbleupon Algorithm

How does the Stumbleupon algorithm really work.? I have no idea, and I doubt anyone else really does know for sure, other than core programmers at Stumbleupon.

I do know one thing though, Tim is probably the person who has spent the most time studying Stumbleupon, analytically.

Whilst I really appreciate facts, where there are a lack of facts I appreciate discussions that at least try to create models based upon extensive research data

Because Algorithms Are People Too…Oh, Wait

Google has yet to create an algorithm that approximates how the human mind processes things. They’re working on it, of course, but it is still a textual (as well as contextual and behavioral, and mathematical, among others) process rather than a pure cognitive process. And that creates a gap that is hard to navigate when writing for the Web: write for the reader or write for the spider?

Skype Knocked Out By The Algorithm
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VoIP company Skype experienced a massive outage due to a problem the company blamed on a deficient network software algorithm.

Google’s Market Share Growth Slows

Hitwise reports that Google’s market share for May is 65.13%. While fielding nearly two thirds of all US searches is definitely not a bad thing, Google’s market share didn’t grow over April 2007. In fact, it actually declined 0.13 percentage points. While the amount is minuscule (representing 0.2% of their market share), for the first time in recent months, some of the other major search engines actually gained market share.

Ask.com Ad Campaign Associated With Google

Ask.com has gotten a lot of flack over its “algorithm” ad campaign, and it seemed possible that the publicity might hurt, rather than help, the company.  Now one survey has revealed that many people didn’t even associate the ads with Ask.com – instead, they believed those strange and controversial messages were coming from Google.

Google’s Search Gurus Spill Algorithm Beans

Ok, so the New York Times doesn’t exactly get Google’s top algorithm execs to tell us how the search engine calculates search results, but they do get fresh insight as to how Google decides to update it’s technology.

The article includes interviews with Amit Singhal, Matt Cutts and Udi Manber.

Insights include details of Google’s internal system for evaluating search queries, called Debug.