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Piers Morgan is Safe as White House Asks Gun Activist Petitioners to Remember the 1st Amendment

The White House’s “We The People” online petition site has seen some ridiculous petitions gain steam over the past couple of months. First, there was the rash of secession petitions that popped up following President Obama’s reelection. Then, we saw a petition to build a functioning Death Star succeed the signature threshold. Someone even asked the White House to consider …

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Did Google Ban Alex Jones’ Infowars ?

Is Google being hypocritical, especially in light if their robust SOPA protesting? Is there legitimate reason for blocking Infowars, and other sometimes controversial sites from appearing in their search results? Is this even happening? According, it is happening. While Google doesn’t appreciate the government illegally censoring certain web material, they seem fine taking the liberty to do it themselves. …

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