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Stanford Alerts FBI On Computer Breach

There is no evidence of data stolen from the University’s Career Development Center at this time.

Sex Offender Wireless Alerts Launched

Service from ScanUSA allows for users to be alerted when a registered sex offender moves into their neighborhoods.

Amber Alerts Available To Wireless Phones

Amber Alerts issued when a child goes missing can now be received by cellular phone users.

Amber Alerts Now Available By Mobile

Utilizing the growing proliferation of cell phones in the United States, the Amber Alert system will be expanded free of charge to mobile subscribers.

Why Google is Syndication Shy
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For over a year now I have been wondering why Google hasn’t more openly embraced syndicated feeds – be they RSS or its splintered sister, Atom. When you look at how MSN and Yahoo are partying with RSS like it is 1999, Google is like the nerd sitting in the corner in the corner with no one to dance with.

Symantec’s Confusing Anti-Virus Alerts

My company notebook apparently has Symantec AntiVirus installed, ’cause it just popped up an odd dialog box.

Tools for Online Tracking

In order to determine which advertising and marketing efforts are effective you must have ways to measure the results of those efforts. Alerts and instant notifications can be instrumental in monitoring search engine position, trademarked terms, monitoring competitors and staying abreast of online occurrences. And, of course, the notification can be used for “ego searches”.

Crawler Alert: Instant Notification When Google Visits

If you want to know the instant Google’s bot visits your site then you’re a severe algoholic. And Crawler alert will help you get your fix. Crawler alert will send you an email when any of the major search bots visit the page you specify.

Alert! Alert! Alert! Backup and Restore Baby!

At many organizations I doubt red lights flash with the sound of blaring sirens when backups fail in production environments, but I believe at every organization backups are one of the most critical IT functions. Of all backups, database backups, by most accounts, are considered the most critical. I know this is certainly true for me as a SQL Server DBA. I am sure at one point in all of our careers we were too busy to check all of our backups across all SQL Servers, with a million responsibilities on a daily basis. I know some of us were lucky and made it unscathed, while others were not so lucky with backup failures that caused extensive data loss and long downtimes. Now when IT Departments are forced to “do more with less,” it is time to put the necessary SQL Server Alerts in place for backup and restore operations in order to more easily monitor and streamline this critical process.

Web Alerts From Google

This week, Google introduced a service that emails news and updated results based on user-determined topics of interest.

Mobile Stock Quote Tracker

We will create a mobile stock quote tracker program in this article. The program retrieves the real time quotes of symbols specified by the user and displays the results in a user friendly format. The user can also specify the high and low thresholds for setting alerts. The View Stock Alerts screen displays the stocks that have crossed above the high threshold and stocks that have values below the low threshold.

The stock symbols selected by the user are stored in a simple MS Access database containing a single table “tblStk”

Here is the data structure of tblStk

Watch Out For These Alerts or Scams!

Cashier’s Checks as Good as Cash? Watch out for cashier’s checks – treat them as a regular check and NOT instant access to cash. Make sure to wait 7-10 days for it to officially clear and call your back for verification of funds being truly cleared. Many scammers are using official looking “cashier’s checks” to pay for cars, or for products (and many write the check in an amount over the purchase amount, asking then for an immediate refund in the excess amount). The responsibility is usually on the consumer side, and not on the bank’s side. You’ll be liable for the deficiency in funds. Do not refund anything or spend any of the money in a cashier’s check until at least 7 days of deposit – and verify the funds before spending any of it.