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Albert Pujols Joins 500 Homerun Club

Put it in the books. Last night, first base slugger Albert Pujols became just the 26th player in Major League Baseball history to smash 500 homeruns. The 34-year-old is the the third-youngest to join the 500 Homerun Club behind Alex Rodriguez and Jimmie Foxx who were both 32. The only problem with the accomplishment was that his wife was not …

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Albert Pujols Signs With LA Angels, Causes Twitter Eruption

The particulars of Albert Pujols’ and his choice of destinations in relation to where he’ll be playing baseball for the foreseeable future aren’t what’s important here. Instead, the reaction such a decision causes, especially throughout the world of social media, is the goal here, and as you well know, sports news can cause some of the most vocal reactions on …

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