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DC Comics Made An Awesome Superman Short For The Character’s 75th Annivesary

I used to be like you. I hated Superman. He was too powerful, and his stories seemed to lack the emotional gravitas that Batman’s stories had. Then I read Alan Moore’s Whatever Happened To The Man Of Tomorrow and everything …

Alan Moore Discusses Guy Fawkes Masks, Protests
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If you’ve been following the anti-Internet regulation hubbub, as well as Anonymous’ hijinks, then you’ve undoubtedly noticed the masks many protesters have been wearing, exactly like the lead image suggests. While these masks have become incredibly popular because of these …

Watchmen Prequel Comics Announced Watchmen Prequel Comics Announced
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Alan Moore is angry. Why is Alan Moore angry? DC announced new Watchmen comics today. DC Comics announced this morning that they are bringing 7 multi-issue series based on the back stories of the seminal Watchmen characters titled “Before Watchmen.” …