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Kenyan Bus Explosion: Attacks Continue Saturday

A mini bus and nearby cars in Nairobi, Kenya were left in pieces today after an unconfirmed explosive device exploded inside of the traveling mini bus. Reuters tells us that four people were killed while 36 were left wounded in the fourth Kenyan attack this week. The sudden blast turned car parts into shrapnel to quickly transform a normal day …

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Navy SEALs Somalia Assault Raises Strategic Questions

Yesterday, Navy SEAL Team Six raided an al-Shabaab HQ in Barawe, Somalia. Although none of the SEALs were killed in the assault, a series of conflicting reports about the raid’s target were released, some of which claiming the individual was captured while others were claiming he died in the firefight. The raid was aborted as a failure. Despite conflicting reports, …

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Al-Shabaab Refuge Raided by US Navy SEALs

In the early dark of Saturday, a US Navy SEAL strike in southern Somalia failed to obtain the intended target, Associated Press reports. The objective, an unidentified leader of the militant group al-Shabaab, is connected to the late September mall attack in Nairobi, Kenya. US military officials, speaking to AP, have confirmed the raids but released little other information so …

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Al-Shabab Takes Credit for Mall Attack on Twitter

At least 39 people were killed when a Somali-based terror group opened fire at a mall in Kenya. The Al Qaeda-linked group Al-Shabab (also listed as “Al-Shabaab”) claimed responsibility for the shootings on Twitter. The group was reportedly live tweeting the shooting under the username @HSM_Press. The account has since been suspended. The terror group claims that the attack on …

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Omar Hammami, American Jihadi, Reported Dead

Omar Hammami, better known as Abu Monsoor Al-Almriki (“the American”), has reportedly been shot dead in the southern bay area of Somalia. Hammami has been reported dead on numerous occasions, but close contact and terrorism expert J.M. Berger believes that reports of Hammami’s death this time are accurate. Hammami left his hometown of Daphne, Alabama in 2006 to pursue a …

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