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Techniques for Stopping Blog Spam

Spam is one of those features that comes with a blog and stopping it isn’t quite as easy as it should be. Here are a few ideas to help you out.

Akismet – The Danger of Collective Intelligence

Akismet is a very smart and effective system for controlling comment spam on blogs, and I know thousands of bloggers swear by it, listing it as their number one plugin for their blogging platform.

Watch Your Steps Before Upgrading to WordPress 2.1

I ran into issues while trying to upgrade a Wordpress 2.0.7 installation to the new Wordpress 2.1 release.

Favorite WordPress Tricks and Plugins
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After having Problogger.net’s – Darren Rowse on my show and Matt Mullenweg (wordpress creator) on the show last week I thought I would keep with the blog theme and share my favorite tricks and plugins that I do with my blog.

Akismet Needs More Spam Control

Marshall Kirkpatrick’s post about the amount of spam getting thru his Gmail filter – 19 of 26 emails were spam – has a comment from blogging buddy, Jeremiah, that reminded me of an issue I’ve noticed with Akismet.

Manipulating Akismet to Silence Another

So I was thinking about Akismet yesterday – I wonder if it could be abused to silence other people.

Interview with Automattic CEO, Toni Schneider

You might have heard of Wordpress or Akismet (Wordpress is the software/service that hosts my blog here, and Akismet is the service that blocks all sorts of comment spam).

Perspectives on Blog Spam

What do Nicholas Cage, David Carradine, Susan Hayward, Richard Burton and a whole host of Hollywood stars past and present have in common?

7 Awesome WordPress Plugins

One of the great things about WordPress is that it can basically do anything you want.

Yahoo Exec Puts Career On Automattic

Toni Schneider, lately the man behind Yahoo’s Developer Network, will leave the cozy confines of Sunnyvale for the dual joys of heading a startup and partnering in a venture capital firm.

WordPress Leaves Beta

Aspiring bloggers can join the same blog service that hosts the legendary Scobleizer and sign up for a Wordpress blog without needing an invitation.