Akimbo Articles

Akimbo Partners With Reveille

Reveille, an independent production and distribution company behind NBC’s “The Office”, “Ugly Betty” and other popular shows will provide consumers with TV series for digital download and viewing on TV through the Akimbo Service.

Blip.tv Gives Glimpse Of TV Future

Blip.tv co-founder and COO Dina Kaplan has no shortage of energy. She’s a five-three or so bottle of Jolt Cola, shaken up and gushing forth about her company, which is proud to host the unboomed Amanda Congdon’s cross-country video tour, AmandaAcrossAmerica, (sponsored by AAA?).

Akimbo Takes Money From Cisco, AT&T

The Akimbo video-on-demand service wrapped up a new round of $15.5 million in investment capital as Cisco and AT&T both signed on along with several venture capital firms to bolster the company.

Brightcove – The Future of IP Video?

Om Malik reports on Jeremy Allaire’s new IP Video project Brightcove. Jeremy is the guy behind ColdFusion of course …