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Aisha Tyler Will Join “Criminal Minds” For Season 11

Aisha Tyler will be the newest member of Behavior Analysis Unit on Criminal Minds for season 11. Criminal Minds is losing both Jennifer Love Hewitt permanently and A.J. Cook for maternity leave and needed Aisha Tyler to fill those gaps. Aisha Tyler, also a star of Archer and co-host of The Talk, will be portraying Dr. Tara Lewis. Dr. Lewis …

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Aisha Tyler Fights For LGBT Equality As Mixed Race Marriage [Pic]

Aisha Tyler knows about the perils of trying to insist on marriage equality in our society. She is married to a white man, and that has caused her some difficulty in some places she has lived. “When my husband and I were dating and living in Oakland, we used to get chased down the street,” Tyler said last year. “This …

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Sara Gilbert And Linda Perry Say “I Do”

We will have to wait until next Monday to get all the juicy details surrounding Sara Gilbert’s wedding to former 4 Non Blondes singer and music producer Linda Perry. However, Gilbert’s The Talk co-hosts couldn’t hold back a few remarks. Julie Chen said on Monday’s show, “Let’s get started with a big congratulations for our own Sara Gilbert, who got …

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Aisha Tyler Spills Secret About “Archer” Character

Aisha Tyler opened up recently about her character on “Archer”, Lana Kane, and spilled a little secret about what Kane has been up to and what season 5 holds in store. Kane turned up pregnant in this week’s season premiere, and while Tyler knows enough not to give away any big secrets, she did throw out a tantalizing hint that …

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Ubisoft Puts Aisha Tyler in Watch Dogs, Kills Her

Ubisoft loves Aisha Tyler. The comedian/actress has hosted the game publisher’s big E3 conferences for two years running, a fact the company joked about in the weeks leading up to this year’s E3. Now, Ubisoft has gone a step closer and put their unofficial spokesperson into one of their games. A new video released today features Tyler as a character …

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Aisha Tyler Will Host Ubisoft’s E3 Press Conference Again

Ubisoft always has the best E3 press conference. This is an unmistakable fact. While she wasn’t quite as insane as 2011’s Mr. Caffeine, Aisha Tyler did a bang up job hosting last year. Ubisoft seemed to like her enough that they’re bringing her back as the host of this year’s press conference as well. Alongside confirming that Tyler is back, …

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