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Southwest Flight Diverted After Passenger Attempts to Open Door

A man’s attempt to exit a Southwest plane while in mid-air left passengers in complete panic Sunday. Flight 722-which was transporting 134 passengers and five crew members-was en route to Sacramento from Chicago when it was forced to make an unintended stop in Nebraska due to the disorderly passenger. Witnesses say that Joshua Carl Lee Suggs was acting pretty strangely after the flight …

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Boeing 767s Ordered To Be Inspected By FAA

Boeing 767s are typically known to be among the safest planes today, and are the most popular planes in the air. The plane’s reputation may be sparkling, but the Federal Aviation Administration is taking no chances. The organization is ordering inspections of all Boeing 767s. According to a notice submitted by the FAA to the Federal Register this past Monday, …

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Flight Diverted After Hitting Birds

A plane flight that took off from White Plains, New York on Thursday morning was diverted after being struck by birds. Airline Jet Blue today announced that flight 1205 from White Plains to Fort Myers, Florida experienced a “bird strike” shortly after taking off. The flight was diverted as a precautionary measure, in case the animals had damaged the aircraft …

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FAA Reprimands Guy Who Filmed Bird Strike With iPad

A couple of weeks ago, a Delta flight bound for Los Angeles had to make an emergency landing at JFK airport just moments after takeoff. The plane quickly lost its right engine after striking a flock of birds. The incident was big news, bolstered by the unlikely fact that Vice President Joe Biden’s plane also hit a flock of birds …

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